Wednesday, February 27, 2008


why do i have to feel this way???am i doing the right thing??its getting complicated rite now..i have decided to stay n follow the flow, but still it doesnt seems right..why????
sadness surrounds me tonyte..i dont know who to turn to.. i turned to my best friends already, n i dissapointed them(sorry gurls)..
i just wished that any of memories for the last few weeks never happened..but it did..N now i'm soo confused about my feelings, things that i want, my life..i dont know..its so complicated..


Ummu said...

its complicated, so what? Its not about what happened, its about what you do about it. Cheer up!

sEeRa said...

yeahh...i should..but yet again..the feeling is still there..thats wat makes it more complicated..