Thursday, March 12, 2009


Been awhile x update my blog..quite bosan today..always do the same old body need rest for such a long tyme..been working hard but the benefit still the same..wont change a thing..i need a new resolution..any suggestions??

well,i been applying loan to buy a new car..thinking of buying myVI which will be under my excited i got wen i knew the car will be mine..but now its fading..u know why?cos its been 3 weeks already since i applied but still no response..mcm malas nak pikir pun ade..losing hope for that..pity mama how she always talked about myVI with different she wanted that car..but tue laa dia..x tahu ape dah jd with the x call,the dealer x call gak..nothing!!hopeless!!angry!!tense!!

All i wanna do now is to go home..spring cleaning my room,take hot bath, eat, chill with family and sleep..tomorrow will be another damn day to go through..another boring job and officially my life sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!