Sunday, February 24, 2008


nothing much to say balek from the Financial Investment Challenge Camp or FICC at UKM..penat sgt nie..supposed tido kat sana but decided to balek college n sambung tdo kat bilek sabrina..the camp was so bored n tiring..yelaa, mana x nyaa...duduk jee dlm dewan..n the presenters plak pon boring..ade yg mumble sorg2 laa, ade yg nak guna mic sendiri laa..ish,mcm2 laa..but, there was a presenter that i loved most..she was sooo funny...she was talking about grooming...from head to toe..also explained about gestures, personality n so on laa..xpe, later i will write about my personality in dis blog..thats all kot for now..tired laa : (

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